Who WE aRE ?

Upstate SORBA is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to improving off-road biking within the Upstate Region of South Carolina

We are here to help mountain bikers in our area organize, coordinate efforts and make a real difference. If you are new to the sport or already running your own club, we encourage you to join Upstate SORBA and see what a difference you can make! Together, we can stand strong and help make mountain biking in the Upstate just a little bit better, every year!

Here are just a few of the things that we do:

- Identify, plan, and support building new trails

- Maintain existing trails in our area

- Organize biking events for fun and for fundraising

- Plan and publish group rides

- Administer training for trail building and safe mountain biking

- Foster relationships with land owners, Park Managers, and Recreation Officials

Upstate SORBA is an advocate for the creation, maintenance, and environmental stewardship of quality trail systems within the Upstate region. Upstate SORBA fosters relationships with community leaders, promotes volunteerism and outdoor recreation that is consistent with environmental protection, thereby strengthening the individual, family, and community quality of life.

We moved our website to .com domain, so make sure to click >>HERE<< to visit our main website!